Show: SID DisplayWeek 2019

Show: SID DisplayWeek 2019

Launching : VividColor Eye-Safe, and NanoBright

Launching at this years SID DisplayWeek will be :

Vivid Color Eye-Safe- making a healthier, efficent and more colorful mobile experience : reduced Blue-light Eye Hazard at night-time, and full HDR/P3 experience in the day-time. The best of both worlds. a new nano-particle, not QD, zero toxic heavy metals. The best solution for accelerating the Micro-LED revolution. Also enabling thinner, bezel free displays through highly-function thin films combining Color Conversion + Filter + Polarizer + Collimation in one film. HDR- side-emtting LED's achieve 99% P3 in a 144Hz Gaming Laptop 15" LCD panel, enabled with fast response HDR and full P3 color gamut. Zero toxic quantum dot hyperbole.

Live demonstrations of both at the Booth #1901

Welcoming partners for manufacturing, and customer projects, in 2019

Contact :info@pixeldisplay.comto schedule a meetingUse the discount code "68Tfy7Rr", to register for free ticket to the DisplayWeek Exhibit Hall at