SmartPixels™ incorporate the necessary processing on the Edge, for the Micro-LED generation, enabling a mini-GPU, enabling AI in every pixel. With the ability to solve many of the biggest problems in Micro-LED displays including: smart-refresh, uneven wear, color uniformity, color calibration, pixel positioning perturbations, scaling, seam-removal, pre-processing to far-end based JIT image warping, eye-safe NoBlue™, low-latency Burst-Refresh™, for immediate generation of viewer-fulcrum from HMD-sensor update, without motion-sickening lag. For 3D displays, local generation of viewer-perspective rays from within the 3D display pixels (voxels).

Target Applications: GaN-on-GaN and GaN-on-Si integrated emitter and logic. End Products : Micro-LED panel displays. AR/VR headset. Holographic 3D displays.

Requires: completing the VividColor OpenGPU™ Technology License.   


Additional details

Joint Development Kit delivered on USB Stick The SmartPixels Technology Development Kit (TDK) includes: - Technology & Architecture Background - Interface Specification. Development tools, and software - Application design examples, including sensors & emitter-processors