NanoBright™ Nanoparticle Color-Converter

NanoBright™ Nanoparticle Color-Converter


NanoBright™ Nanoparticle Color-Converter

Choice of nanoparticles by color-emission center wavelength. Applications include nanopatterning Micro-LED, emissive color-filters, highly functional thin-films.

Key-Benefits: Inorganic, nano-phosphor material composition. Low-toxicity, does not contain toxic heavy metals such as Cadmium, Lead, or Indium. Compatible with wide range of solvents, including Water, Alcohol, IPA, Xylene. Does not require exotic polymer matrix, compatible with common UV/IR resists, including Micro-Chem SU-8. Does not (substantially) photo-oxidize during UV-lithography. Outstanding tolerance to Humidity, Oxygen, and Heat with degradation in performance. Wide operating temperature range well over 125C, without significant (<10%) degradation in performance.

Usage Examples: Nano-patterning on blue/noblue Micro-LED to remove pick&place cost, high-brightness (exceeding DisplayHDR 1400) for ultra-thin Mini-LED backlights. Emissive color filters in LCD & OLED applications. Emissive nano-particle in ePaper, electrophoretic displays. Electroluminescent paint. Nano-tagging as markers in biological applications. Combined color-conversion/filter/collimation/polarization layers in highly-functional thin-films.

Target Applications: Ideal for Automotive, HUD and AR, where high-brightness coupled with robust consistent performance are mandatory requirements.

Requires: completing the Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) and conformance to OSHA safe-handling guidelines for nanoparticles.


Additional details

Delivered in dispensing syringe with MSDS. Contents: 50% loading of 100nm D90 nanoparticle, in IPA solution. Net weight: 1g