LightBridge™ Controller

LightBridge™ Controller


Regional Backlight compatible with Dual-Emitter VividColor NoBlue LED & Mini-LED’s. Features include: chroma-balance, aging adjust, PWM & direct-linear drive, ultra-wide-gamut. Regional dimming support with 6-channels/chip, daisy-chain controllers for up to 768 regions per SPI bus. Synchronized pulsed backlight for 120~480Hz Ultra-High Refresh. Frame-aligned PWM and Vcom for optimized Variable Refresh, and Burst-Refresh™ support. Exceeds requirements for VESA DisplayHDR 600 & 1000 in phone, tablet, laptop & automotive LCD panel applications.

Target Application: higher-current low-profile side-emitting LED, and CSP Mini-LED, in phone, table or laptop panel.

Requires: completing the VividColor Technology License.


Additional details

6-channels per chip, 10~12 LED’s per-channel, giving a total of 70~80 LED’s, or 35~40 Dual-Emitter LED’s, per controller chip. Wide input supply range: On-chip LDO supporting 2.7 ~ 27V for Phone/Tablet/Laptop/Monitor/Auto. HDR High peak brightness: supports 50mA for 2x overdrive operation Portable Device: 1-cell (phone), 2 and 3 spindle (tablet/laptop) operation. HDR 1000nits: 45V@50mA per-Channel, 16bits dimming (8K ~ 1K:1 ratio) PWM Output: 1KHz to 39KHz (switching freq: 600KHz ~ 2.2MHz). Desi gned to avoid RF-EMI interference, especially in Auto and Cellular applications. Inputs: VSync/HSync. SPI, I2C and/or PWM QFN24 package (4.0 x 4.0 mm, 24 lead) delivered on Tape & Reel