NoBlue™ LED & Mini-LED

NoBlue™ LED & Mini-LED


These single-mode white LED’s feature color spectrum emission pattern closely matching a wax Candle (NoBlue+™ 2000K White-Point), or an Incandescent Light-Bulb (NoBlue™ 2400K White-Point), or warm-white Halogen Light-Bulb (NoBlu™ 3000K White-Point). But with solid-state energy-efficiency, even better Eye-Safety (as per ANSI Z87.1-2015 and IEC 62471), and similar or lower Sleep Disturbance (Melanopic ratio).

Target applications: ePaper front-lit displays, and signs, interior lighting and outdoor lamps, delivering eye-safe white light, with low blue-hazard, and low sleep disturbance. Also well suited for Automotive lighting applications where very high visibility lighting requires optimal Lumens per Watt. Sampling in med-power 3020 package. Other packages are available, with dual-die and single-die assembly, including face-emitting 7020 and 3030, side-emitting 3806 & 2604 for eReader Front-Light, and CSP Mini-LED for extremely high-density or stippled blue/no-blue applications.


Additional details

3020 : 3.0 L x 2.0 W (mm) 2-lead with thermal pad 008004 : 0.250 x 0.125 (mm) 2-pad Chip-Scale Package (CSP) Mini-LED Provided on Tape & Reel Data-sheet available on request: